Sell Toy Co.

    Who We Are?

    We are Toy collectors in the first place but we are also a small company located in Upstage NY dedicated to sell exclusively for internet from this page and from auction sites like eBay. Our goal is to satisfies the enthusiast and hobby customers. 24/7!!

    What Do We Offer?

    We sell mainly toy soldiers and military toy soldier’s accessories as well some civilian’s TOY related item made in US and other countries around the world. We also sale some old vintage original collectible toys as available.

    Our Goal:

    Provide collectors, baby boomers, children, history buffs and war gamers with top quality and unique toys not common and not sold at other related hobby and toy soldier company websites. Because of the rarity of many items that we sale. I have decide not to carry the more /most sold brands produced as off now in this collectible world enterprise ,but only those very and hard to find plus a brand new line being build for my company from my original design / artist work.